What kind of boobs do they think we are?

I just spent the better part of the last few weeks bashing GoDaddy’s blatant sexism in advertising and now this. What’s with Vanity Fair? Are they trying to sell bras to the tone deaf? Or to 13 year old guys? A word to the VF marketing department: don’t equate hits on this video with love bites. 

I’d like to humbly suggest that Vanity Fair and other marketers consider  three things before they let their next campaign out the door dressed like this:

1. Pretty is as pretty does. These are pretty bras and I’ve always liked the brand, but at the most human and basic level, it’s often wise to ask, “If this Brand were my daughter, would I want her going out like this?” I’m all for segmentation studies and focus groups and anguishing strategy sessions, but really, a lot of misguided advertising can be avoided by a question as simple as this.

2. Not all attention is good attention. It’s an instant gratification world and 2.0 has accelerated our needs and expectations. So I can just hear the excited talk around the conference table when the idea of this band’s You Tube debut was being bandied about. A slower, classier build  (not to mention a better concept) would have given them a longer, and much more resonate tail.

3. Does it have legs? Where does an idea like this go? Does it have a life beyond the gimmick?  My guess is that it does not.

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