Humor is a girl’s best friend

One of my favorite illustrations of a very under utilized emotion in marketing to women: Humor.

Once you get off the youtube channel and into more mainstream advertising, and particularly when you enter the realm of marketing to women, humor is woefully overlooked in most brand’s tool boxes. Sad really, since women really crave it. (Poll 10 women at random and ask them what they look for in the perfect man. I guarantee you humor will make the top 3.)

Did you know a different part of the the female brain lights up when she laughs? Actually, up to nine different parts activate according to MRI studies cited in THE FEMALE BRAIN. Compare that to only one or two sections that engage when a man has the same emotion. Why should you care about this as a marketer? All those connections increase your chance of being remembered. And since women store memories as emotions, why not be associated with a smile?  We could all use some more of that.


  1. Mary, I LOVE this video! You are right on about a woman’s need to laugh. Many feel there is little to laugh about right now, and a marketer that gives her that laugh is going to be remembered and appreciated. As I develop PR programs for my clients going forward I’m going to proactively look for ways to incorporate some laughter. Thanks for my own chuckle today!

    1. Linda, you make such a good point about this being even more needed RIGHT NOW. Humor is not right for every product or service, but if it is, I encourage my clients to go there. A smile is a terrible thing to waste:)

  2. This video was so spot on! Even though I’m not in that demo yet, the fact that I not only watched the whole 2 minutes and 30 secs but actually enjoyed it and want to share it with others says so much about the power of humor. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Mary:
    Saw you in the LinkedIn group, ForbesWoman, and love your blog. Great stuff! Are you doing the Fast Company influence thing? Let’s click each other’s links if you are, and maybe do some networking.

    Apryl Parcher

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Apryl. I am in the Fast Company influence project, but have not been actively working it:) Yes, I’ll click your link and would love to hear more about you. My link is
      Thanks for thinking about this!

    1. Thanks, Robin! I have (obviously) not been keeping up with it much lately. Too busy taking care of clients. Isn’t RISE great?

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