In the advertising world, I may be best known as the Creative Director who launched Curves on the national stage. (You can see some spots I created and read a quick case study here.) In the marketing world I often speak as an expert on marketing to women. Around the house I’m just known  as “the meanest mom in the world.”  All these titles have some merit and if you’d like to read more about my advertising career, please do.  I’m also the founder and Chief Creative Officer of KickSkirt™, an advertising and marketing agency that’s dedicated to helping smart brands earn the spending power of women.

It’s a mission I take pretty seriously. After spending a successful career at some of the biggest and best ad agencies in the world, I discovered that only 3% of the people who held my position were women.  Even though over 85% of all consumer purchase decisions were being made by women. No wonder advertising isn’t more effective.

If you’re one of the big brands on the national stage and you’re wondering why the brilliant, well-researched strategy you developed with your ad agency ended up as ineffective ca ca in your ad campaign (no matter what media) I’ve got the inside scoop. Which I’ll be serving up here in hopes that it improves your dialogue with the “niche” The Econonomist has called the most powerful economic force on the planet. Women.

Interestingly enough (to me, anyway), is that even as I work tirelessly to see that companies respect the buying power of women, I am also starting a crusade for what my friend Nettie Hartsock has dubbed a  “Gender 2.0” approach. Think of it as a “can’t we all just get along” plea for a little more transparency and humanity from every marketer to every customer regardless of chromosomes.  My guess is that this blog will be an exploration of a new and better way to connect with consumers.

It’d be nice to have you along on the journey.




-Mary Dean


  1. Mary, thank you for leaving such an insightful response on Toby Bloomberg’s SMGPS site re: listening. Very interesting to have you describe the benefits of a “girlfriend group” to get the benefit of all of the other information cues.

    I’m delighted to discover your site, too.

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