Mary Dean Delivering Keynote in Stockholm

I’ve delivered keynotes around the country and the world. Audiences usually include executives from Fortune 500 companies. The very best audiences include smart men.  I’d love to speak at your company or event, so please get a feel for my style here.

Here’s what one repeat customer has had to say about my presentations.
Mary Dean has consistently been one of our top-rated speakers at both the M2W and M2Moms annual conferences – both of which attract the most exceptional authors and presenters in the industry. Exit reviews repeat the same accolades about Mary. She is a passionate and entertaining presenter who shares her expertise freely for the good of all. Polished and professional, yet refreshingly genuine, she is committed to giving her audience actionable steps to immediately improve their marketing and she is consistently praised for being “inspiring.” There is never a dull moment in her presentations and I’m always sorry to interrupt the Q&A when it’s time for the next speaker. The crowd always wants even more. Nan McCann, President, pme-events
Get a preview of my style here.






The conference organizer for the three cities in Sweden had this to say about my presentation:

“We have done ”The Aller Days”, a series of half-day seminars in Sweden’s three biggest cities for 15 years.  A lot of very impressive persons from USA, Sweden, England and France have done excellent presentations, and our audience of 300+200+500, the sum of 1000 have been very excited. We think that the presentations from Mary Dean of KickSkirt last November were among the absolute best – a lot of content of highest quality, and a really wonderful way to present it – the formal rating after the show was – excellent! As the arranging team we are very glad!” Kaj Hansson, ALLER DAYS director for 15 years.

Speaking is my greatest passion. However, I spend most of my time practicing the art I preach about, so my presentations are filled with stories from behind the scenes of some of America’s most well known advertising campaigns.  I can handle a crowd of 30,000 with moxie but I also enjoy leading intimate brainstorming sessions.

Topics include:

Lost in Translation: Why most marketing to women fails and what you can do about it.

Our Purses are Bigger Than Your Wallets: Respecting and capturing the buying power of women.

Raise your Voice, Close your Wallet: How women can use their buying power to impact our culture.

The $20 Trillion Secret: Essential Strategies for Capturing the World’s Largest, Biggest Spending and Fastest Growing Market. Women.

If your market includes women, it’s time to polish up your branding, your sales, your social platform. Learn smart, proven strategies that will make all your efforts – from website and product development to social media and traditional advertising –  work harder and smarter for your company.

If you’d like for me to speak at your company or event, just email me at mary@kickskirt.com.